MANY THANKS Well the studio is now closed until the New Year and all the instructors are taking a well earned rest!   I would like to personally thank Alyssa ,Becky and Julie who have covered for Jess whilst she has been on maternity cover.  I am pleased to tell you that Jess will be back Thursday 9th January 2020. I would like to thank the continued expertise and professionalism in all the instructors, Julie, Vourn and Jess who tirelessly kept teaching until the last minute.   Also a huge welcome to Helen and more recently, I am pleased to introduce Becky into the team,  I feel very privileged to have such a great team of girls at the studio.  Many thanks to Steph who has been on reception whilst operating the new card payment system.  Thank you also if you have switched from cash to card or PayPal. It makes my life a little easier, but please note cash is still acceptable for those who prefer cash.     AMENDMENTS TO TIMETABLE  I have been monitoring classes over the last few weeks and unfortunately there are some classes that have been taken off the timetable.  The following classes are no longer running Thursday 9.15am Body Tone Saturday 8.45am HiitSaturday 9.45am Small Group Yoga apologies to those who have supported these classes, but unfortunately due to low attendance these will no longer run.    MONDAY NIGHT CLASSESAfter much consideration, I have made the decision to pass my Monday nightclasses onto another instructor.  I have loved teaching these classes, but feel the time is right to hand them over and I’m thrilled to put them into the very good hands of Becky.  Becky will be running them from Monday 24th February so you will have me until then. The times will also be slightly earlier (see below) I have also also been talking to clients about time changes and movement of other classes.   Changes as follows Monday 5.45pm Dancefit now moved to Wednesday 5.45pm from New Year Monday 6.30pm and 7.30pm Pilates moved to 6.15pm and 7.15pm Pilates from New Year and to be renamed Functional Core Wednesday 10.15am and 11.15am Pilates WILL NOT be merged  Wednesday Small Group Pilates moved from 5pm to 4.45pm From New Year Wednesday 6pm Pilates moved to 6.30pm from New Year Wednesday 7.15pm Small Group Yoga moved to 7.30pm from New Year Thursday DanceGold now moved to 10,15am start from New Year Sorry if the new times are not convenient but as a result of moving some classes from Monday to Wednesday, I have had no choice.  Hope you understand    To make it easier I list below the new timetable as from January 2020.  This is attached as well TIMETABLE  CLASS TIMETABLE JANUARY 2020 (always check website) MONDAY9.30am           PILATES (55 mins). HELEN 2.00pm.          PRIVATE HIRE 1 hour                                    6.15pm           FUNCTIONAL CORE (55 mins) BECKY7.15pm           FUNCTIONAL CORE  (55 mins) BECKY———————————————————————————————————————TUESDAY9.15am.          BODY TONE (45 mins) SALLY10.15am.        DANCE FITNESS (45 mins) SALLY11.15am         YOUNG AT HEART (over 70s) ring 07778124034   (45 mins) SALLY12.15pm.        PRIVATE TRAINING (55 mins) SALLY2.00pm.          SMALL GROUP PILATES (55 mins) HELEN6.15pm           PRIVATE HIRE. ———————————————————————————————————————WEDNESDAY 9.15am          PILATES (55 mins) SALLY10.15am.       PILATES  (55 mins) SALLY11.15am        PILATES beginners/intermediate (55 mins) SALLY12.15pm.       PRIVATE TRAINING (55mins) SALLY3.45pm.         PRIVATE TRAINING (55mins) SALLY4.45pm.         SMALL GROUP PILATES (55 mins) SALLY5.45pm          DANCEFIT  SALLY 6.30pm          PILATES intermediate/advanced (55 mins) SALLY7.30pm .        SMALL GROUP YOGA (booking only 07778124034) VOURN                                                                                                         ———————————————————————————————————————THURSDAY9.15am         SMALL GROUP FITNESS   (55 mins) MUST BOOK 07778124034 JULIE10.15am       DANCE GOLD (45 mins) JESS2.00pm         SMALL GROUP YOGA (booking only 07778124034) (55 mins) VOURN7.30pm.        Private hire ———————————————————————————————————————FRIDAY 9.15am          FAB ABS (45 mins) JESS10.05am        PILATES ( 55 mins) JESS———————————————————————————————————————  ALWAYS ADVISED TO BOOK ON LINE AS SOME CLASSES GET VERY BUSY                                                 
 SMALL GROUP FITNESSDo you need to lose weight or are you very unfit and want to work out in a small intimate group.  I have three spaces available on the NEW Small Group Fitness class starting Thursday 9th January at 9.15am. This is a 55 minute class.  Please email If interested as numbers are
SMALL GROUP CLASSESThere are spaces available at following classes Tuesday Small Group Pilates 2pm Helen – three spaces Wednesday 4.45pm Small Group Pilates Sally FULLWednesday 7.30pm Small Group Yoga Vourn -Two spaces Thursday 2pm Small Group Yoga Vourn – two spaces  email if interested  
PRICE As from New Year, the cost of classes are as follows 45 minute class £6.5055 minute class £7.50Small Group £8.50Monthly £55Flexi month £65Two classes together £11Under 21s/Young at Heart £6 classes can now be booked for 
AND Finally,  I wish to thank most of all you, for supporting me through another year.  I would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful healthy and happy 2020 best wishesSally x

Sally Morris
Fernhill Court
Balsall Street East
Balsall Common West Midlands CV77FR

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