“Sally’s weekly ‘Young at Heart Class’ is aimed at the over 70’s. However, don’t get the idea that we sit around on chairs doing gentle exercise – oh no!

Sally knows us all very well and is aware of what our bodies are capable of achieving. She challenges us to be the best that we can be. She knows when we need encouraging to push ourselves that bit further but has alternative exercises ready for those who are struggling.

Thanks to Sally, after each session we feel the satisfaction of a job well done, having exercised both our bodies and minds. We enjoy the camaraderie generated by the group as we support each other.

Keep challenging us Sally!




I have been going to Sally’s fitness classes for 35 years and I have learned a lot from her.   Sally is an excellent instructor, she is always cheerful and friendly and she provides a varied and challenging programme for each of the classes she teaches.   She encourages us to try to do a bit more than we think we can and we often find that we can do it.




I’ve been attending Positive Fitness classes for more years than I care to remember now!! I first attended as I wanted to give Pilates a go to try and help address a shoulder issue. It did that and more  – I can honestly say I’ve never been stronger or more supple. I’ve been attending Sal’s classes every week since then (well, when there hasn’t been a pandemic!). Sal’s business is well-named as the classes ooze positivity and fun. You will always be given options as not every exercise suits every body, so you never have to worry about not being able to quite do something. Sal and colleagues offer a good variety of classes and classes themselves are always different so there are plenty of challenges and it never gets stale. I’d definitely say come along, give it a go, you won’t look back.



 ‘Thank you Sally for making me want to get up every morning and feel good, really good about exercising. You have truly transformed my mindset.  You have added so much depth to my retirement. Life is worth exercising.xx




I have worked out with Sally for over 30 years doing various different classes over that time. It is a wonderful way to keep fit and enjoy yourself, she is always so happy and welcoming. At the moment I do Dancefit which is brilliant, great tunes old and new which I find myself singing along to, and lots of wonderful dance steps that make it so much fun. High or low impact, it’s up to you. Highly recommend giving it a try.

Yvonne Gee.